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Redox-sensitive polymeric nanoparticles for drug delivery.
A novel redox-sensitive biodegradable polymer with "trimethyl-locked" benzoquinone was synthesized for the preparation of paclitaxel-incorporated nanoparticles, which released pac litaxel in response to chemically triggered reduction. Expand
Remote exo/endo selectivity in selective monohydrolysis of dialkyl bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-2,3-dicarboxylate derivatives.
High exo-facial selectivity was observed in the selective monohydrolysis of a series of near-symmetric diesters that possess an exo-ester group and an endo-ester group attached on a norbornane orExpand
Highly efficient selective monohydrolysis of dialkyl malonates and their derivatives
Abstract The highly efficient selective monohydrolysis of symmetric diesters has been applied to monohydrolysis of several dialkyl malonates and their derivatives. The best conditions apply 0.8–1.2Expand
Synthesis of 13C7-labeled iodoacetanilide and application to quantitative analysis of peptides and a protein by isotope differential mass spectrometry.
Subsequent tandem mass spectrum analysis revealed that (13)C(7)-labeled iodoacetanilide remained intact during the collision-induced dissociation (CID) conditions. Expand
Practical large scale synthesis of half-esters of malonic acid.
A practical large-scale synthesis of monomethyl malonate and monoethylmalonate is described, applying the highly efficient selective monohydrolysis of symmetric diesters, and the synthetic utility of this reaction in process chemistry is expected. Expand
Ab initio and DFT investigation of structures and energies of low-lying isomers of ZnxSex (x = 1-4) clusters
Abstract Structures and energies of low-lying isomers of ZnxSex (x  = 1–4) clusters have been explored with the B3LYP, MP2, and CCSD(T) methods using a basis set of 6-31G(d). CounterpoiseExpand
Synthesis of D-labeled naphthyliodoacetamide and application to quantitative peptide analysis by isotope differential mass spectrometry.
D-labeled and -unlabeled N-beta-naphthyliodoacetamides have been synthesized for specific modification of the sulfhydryl groups of cysteine residues in proteins or peptides, and have been applied toExpand
Transient Absorption Spectroscopy of Bis(4,4-dimethyl-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene). Elucidation of Triplet-state Geometry and Triplet-Triplet Absorption
conjugation in terms of the density matrix evaluated with the TD DFT calculation; and finally (6) to predict the excitation energies with the aid of the TD DFT methods. We will compare the absorptionExpand