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BACKGROUND Burn infliction techniques are poorly described in rat models. An accurate study can only be achieved with wounds that are uniform in size and depth. We describe a simple reproducible method for creating consistent burn wounds in rats. METHODS Ten male Sprague-Dawley rats were anesthetized and dorsum shaved. A 100 g cylindrical stainless-steel(More)
BACKGROUND The combination of polycaprolactone and hyaluronic acid creates an ideal environment for wound healing. Hyaluronic acid maintains a moist wound environment and accelerates the in-growth of granulation tissue. Polycaprolactone has excellent mechanical strength, limits inflammation and is biocompatible. This study evaluates the safety and efficacy(More)
INTRODUCTION To avoid the risk of pulmonary aspiration, fasting before anaesthesia is important. We postulated that the rate of noncompliance with fasting would be high in patients who were admitted on the day of surgery. Therefore, we surveyed patients in our institution to determine the rate of fasting compliance. We also examined patients' knowledge on(More)
The fibular free flap is the gold standard for mandibular reconstruction. Accurate 3-dimensional contouring and precise alignment of the fibula is critical for reestablishing native occlusion and facial symmetry. Following segmental mandibulectomy, the remaining mandibular fragments become freely mobile. Various stabilization methods including external(More)
Defects involving specialised areas with characteristic anatomical features, such as the nipple, upper eyelid, and lip, benefit greatly from the use of sharing procedures. The vulva, a complex 3-dimensional structure, can also be reconstructed through a sharing procedure drawing upon the contralateral vulva. In this report, we present the interesting case(More)
Titanium meshes have been extensively used in craniomaxillofacial surgery. The benefits of these titanium implants include being inert, stable, and radiopaque and having good drainage properties. The titanium mesh is cut to shape and bent before implantation, which may give rise to the cut edges being jagged and sharp. This can lead to soft tissue being(More)
Facial fracture patients are seen in a Level 1 trauma hospital. In our institution, we manage many patients with facial fractures and carry out more than 150 surgical procedures every year. Open reduction and internal fixation is our management of choice. All surgical procedures involve drilling of bone and implant insertion to keep the fractured bones in(More)
Concomitant maxillofacial, laryngeal and cervical spine injuries may occur after high-energy accidents. Although this presentation is uncommon, the multiple injuries may compromise airway, breathing, circulation, and neurologic function. We identified 8 adult trauma patients admitted to the National University Hospital with the concomitant injuries. We(More)
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