Hanifi Yildirim

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Several recent studies have found a relationship between midline cerebral malformations (cavum septi pellucidum, absence of the adhesio interthalamica) and schizophrenia. In this study, we investigated whether the adhesio interthalamica is more often absent in patients with schizophrenia than healthy cases and whether the absence of the adhesio(More)
Lumbar discal cysts are extremely rare pathologies, with only few reports describing these lesions in the literature. Moreover, their definite pathogenesis is still unknown, with proposed theories based on radialogic and histologic findings. In this report, the authors present an acute formation of a discal cyst, which is reported for the first time. Also,(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study is to evaluate the association between lesion progression and the ischemic or edematous area that can develop around the hemorrhage in intraparenchymal hemorrhagic lesions originating after head trauma. METHODS Thirty patients with intracerebral hemorrhage due to head trauma of a mild or intermediate degree were evaluated in(More)
  • Olgu Sunumu, Multipl Sklerozlu, +7 authors OLGU SUNUMU
  • 2008
Abducens Nevre Palsy without Diplopia in a Multiple Sclerosis Patient Multiple sclerosis (MS), is a chronic demyelinating relapsing-remitting disease of central nervous system. In the etiopatogenesis, autoimmunity to myelin plays role. In MS, ocular motor sings are not rare. Internucleer ophthalmoplegia is the most common horizontal gaze disorder in MS(More)
Knowledge of the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis should be helpful in determining the normal position of the fibula in the incisural notch. The purpose of this study was to determine the anatomic characteristics of the fibular incisura of the tibia on MR imaging. One hundred fifty lower limbs (43 male, 32 female volunteers) were examined with MRI. The(More)
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