Hanieh Nokhbatolfoghahaie

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OBJECTIVE Low-intensity laser therapy (LILT) is defined to supply direct biostimulative light energy to the cells. While several studies have demonstrated that LILT has stimulating effects on bone cells and can accelerate the repair process of the bone, others reported delayed fracture healing or no effects after LILT. The aim of this article was to review(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of core thickness and fabrication stages on the marginal accuracy of IPS e.max Press crowns. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty IPS e.max Press crowns, 1.5mm thick, were fabricated on metal dies. The crowns had two different core thicknesses, 0.8mm for group A and 1mm for group B, ten for each group. Marginal gap was measured(More)
INTRODUCTION Today the prevalence of teeth decays has considerably decreased. Related organizations and institutions mention several reasons for it such as improvement of decay diagnostic equipment and tools which are even capable of detecting caries in their initial stages. This resulted in reduction of costs for patients and remarkable increase in teeth(More)
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