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THz CMOS imagers integrated with hyperhemispherical Si-lenses are presented and characterized. FPAs are implemented in 65nm CMOS bulk and SOI technologies. Lens-integrated detectors at 0.65 THz show an increase of 15dB and 20dB in SNR compared to front-side illumination for SOI and bulk respectively. The responsivities R<inf>v</inf> are increased and a(More)
The management of herniated lumbar intervertebral disc for patients not responding to an initial trial of conservative therapy is generally surgical. Little is known about the effect of continued conservative therapy on patients who have not improved or have deteriorated within the first 3 months. This study assessed which form of treatment, surgical or(More)
Oxacillin-induced neutropenia is reported in a 16-year-old boy being treated for osteomyelitis. The startling neutropenia developed after 20 days of 200 mg/kg/day of intravenous oxacillin. The neutropenia was not associated with symptoms and was rapidly reversible upon stopping the antibiotic. This reaction may happen with any of the betal lactam(More)
The successful treatment of a patient with a tumor involves an estimate of weakening due to the tumor and a consideration of the probability of gross fracture through that defect. Weakening due to an open section defect usually results in fracture. Holes produce a stress concentration that is of concern to the orthopedist in reconstituting such fractures.(More)
Concordant advances in cancer chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgical technique have been of apparent benefit to many cancer patients suffering from skeletal involvement at the hip. Consideration of the effects of underlying disease and prior treatment must be evaluated prior to developing a surgical plan. Acetabular involvement can be treated by either(More)