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THz CMOS imagers integrated with hyperhemispherical Si-lenses are presented and characterized. FPAs are implemented in 65nm CMOS bulk and SOI technologies. Lens-integrated detectors at 0.65 THz show an increase of 15dB and 20dB in SNR compared to front-side illumination for SOI and bulk respectively. The responsivities R<inf>v</inf> are increased and a(More)
Non-ionizing terahertz imaging using solid-state integrated electronics has been gaining increasing attention over the past few years. However, there are currently several factors that deter the implementations of fully-integrated imaging systems. Due to the lack of low-noise amplification above f max , the sensitivity of THz pixels on silicon cannot match(More)
—A high-power 320 GHz transmitter using 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS technology (220/280 GHz) is reported. This transmitter consists of a 4 × 4 array of radiators based on coupled harmonic oscillators. By incorporating a signal filter structure called return-path gap coupler into a differential self-feeding oscillator, the proposed 320 GHz radiator simultaneously(More)
Due to the absence of internal nodes, inverter-based Gm-C filters [1,2] allow achieving bandwidths beyond what is possible with opamp-RC techniques. The inverter's class-AB behavior, together with the high transconductance per quiescent current, results in a high dynamic range per power when optimally biased [3]. The major disadvantage of traditional(More)
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