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In many invertebrates, the nuclearization of β-catenin at one pole of the embryo initiates endomesoderm specification. An intriguing possibility is that a gradient of nuclear β-catenin (nβ-catenin), similar to that operating in vertebrate neural tube patterning, functions to distinguish cell fates in invertebrates. To test this hypothesis, we determined the(More)
Regadenoson (REG), a selective A2A receptor vasodilator, has not been widely evaluated in stress echocardiography (SE). We report results of 45 patients participating in REG + atropine (REGAT) SE protocol conducted in a single-center prospective trial. The REGAT study enrolled subjects before a clinically indicated cardiac catheterization for suspected(More)
Traditional short-circuit modeling techniques and the associated models existing in commercially available packages are not accurate enough and do not accurately represent the behavior of converter interfaced renewable energy resources during short-circuit events. To address those issues, detailed EMT-type, time domain models of Type III and Type IV wind(More)
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