Hani Reda Farran

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The equilibrium constant for the electron transfer between SmI2 and substituted benzophenones was determined. The electron transfer reactions are exothermic with DeltaG(eq) ranging from -5.1 to -1.6 kcal/mol. Redox potentials suggest that the electron transfer reactions should be endothermic by ca. 25 kcal/mol, contrary to the experimental observation. It(More)
The reaction of p,p'-dichlorobenzophenone with SmI2 was studied in the presence of variable amounts of HMPA. The electron-transfer step takes place instantaneously. In the presence of excess substrate, the addition of HMPA retarded the rate of coupling to pinacol by a factor of 250. In the presence of an excess of SmI2, the initial rate retardation is(More)
The kinetics of the reaction of several substituted benzophenones with SmI(2) in THF was studied by using stopped flow spectrometry. The electron transfer takes place during the dead time of mixing and for most derivatives it is nearly quantitative. In the presence of an excess of substrate and in the absence of proton donors the dimerization reaction to(More)
The range of convex solids studied in ancient Greece includes many interesting geometrical objects besides convex polyhedra, the most familiar examples being the spherical ball, the right circular cylinder and cone, and the double cone. These objects diier from convex solids in general in the simplicity of the topolog-ical and metrical structures of their(More)
Let Fm = (M,F ) be a Finsler manifold and G be the Sasaki– Finsler metric on the slit tangent bundle TM0 = TM {0} of M . We express the scalar curvature ρ̃ of the Riemannian manifold (TM0, G) in terms of some geometrical objects of the Finsler manifold Fm. Then, we find necessary and sufficient conditions for ρ̃ to be a positively homogenenous function of(More)
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