Hani M. Samawi

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the hypothesis that outdoor daily walking, as an exercise, has an effect on the rate of mortality among those elderly people in the Iowa 65+ Rural Health Study (RHS). RHS is a prospective longitudinal cohort study of 8 years follow-up from 1981 to 1989. It consists of a random sample of 3,673 individuals (1,420(More)
The primary question in this study was whether subjects with nodules and subjects with healthy larynges would produce "resonant voice" with a similar laryngeal configuration. A second question regarded whether the electroglottographic closed quotient (EGG CQ) could be used to noninvasively distinguish resonant from other voice types. Twelve adult singers(More)
to collect papers on one topic and publish in the form of a book. Each paper has been refereed by at least three experts actively engaged in " Ranked Set Sampling ". This book is the first in the series and we hope that in future, we shall be collecting papers and publishing in the form of books. PREFACE Recently attention is being paid to the basic(More)
The matched pairs sign test using bivariate ranked set sampling (BVRSS) is introduced and investigated. We show that this test is asymptotically more efficient than its counterpart sign test based on a bivariate simple random sample (BVSRS). The asymptotic null distribution and the efficiency of the test are derived. The Pitman asymptotic relative(More)
This chapter explores the concept of using ranked simulated sampling approach (RSIS) to improve the well-known Monte-Carlo methods, introduced by Samawi (1999), and extended to steady-state ranked simulated sampling (SRSIS) by Al-Saleh and Samawi (2000). Both simulation sampling approaches are then extended to multivariate ranked simulated sampling (MVRSIS)(More)
the size of each subset. However, in case the missing ness not completely at random (MCAR), Looney and Jones [9] argued that ignoring some of the correlated observations would bias the estimation of the variance of the difference in treatment means and would dramatically affect the performance of the statistical test in terms of controlling type I error(More)
(2002). On distribution function estimation using double ranked set samples with application. Quality control chart for the mean using double ranked set sampling. (2012). Double sampling with ranked set selection in the second phase with nonresponse: analytical results and Monte Carlo experiences. The ranked sample-mean Monte Carlo method for unidimensional(More)
A single server vacation queue with Poisson arrivals, deterministic service of constant duration b(> 0) and two stages of heterogeneous server vacations having different general (arbitrary) distributions is studied. This model is designated as (M/D/G 1 ,G 2 /1). After completion of each service, the server may take a vacation with probability p or may(More)
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