Hani M. Negm

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This paper describes several optimization models for the design of a typical wind turbine tower structure. The main tower body is considered to be built from uniform segments where the e€ective design variables are chosen to be the cross-sectional area, radius of gyration and height of each segment. The nacelle/rotor combination is regarded as a rigid(More)
In this paper, the controller design of a four degree of freedom (4 DOF) articulated robot manipulator using inverse kinematics and a new adaptive genetic algorithm (AGA) was presented. The Pseudoinverse method was used to solve the Inverse kinematic problem. The gains of the PD controller were tuned using the AGA. The dynamics of the robot manipulator were(More)
In the present paper, a comparison between five different shell finite elements, including the Linear Triangular Element, Linear Quadrilateral Element, Linear Quadrilateral Element based on deformation modes, 8-node Quadrilateral Element, and 9-Node Quadrilateral Element was presented. The shape functions and the element equations related to each element(More)
As a major structural dynamic criterion in designing thin shells, the fundamental frequency is maximized for a specified total structural mass. The general optimization problem of metallic conical shell structures with clamped / free ends has been treated formally among all other types of boundary conditions. Both stiffened and unstiffened constructions are(More)
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