Hani E. Naguib

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This study investigates the effect of PLGA 85/15 scaffold on the cell growth and viability of a cell line, and the degradation of the scaffold in different media. The cell line used was human promyelocytic leukemia cells (HL-60). Three different media were considered: distilled water, a phosphate buffered saline (PBS) solution, and HL-60 cell line. Porous(More)
We present a kinetostatic model for a needle-sized notched tube continuum joint design, and examine the impact that the design parameters have on both stiffness and joint kinematics. The joint is fabricated by removing a series of asymmetric notches from a metal tube. By fixing a cable to the distal end of the tube, and routing this tendon through the(More)
Human intervention can be replaced through the development of tools resulting from utilization of sensing devices possessing a wide range of applications including humanoid robots or remote and minimally invasive surgeries. Similar to the five human senses, sensors interface with their surroundings to stimulate a suitable response or action. The sense of(More)
The effects of recycled-branched polypropylenes on their rheological properties and foamability are studied and compared with the virgin sample in this paper. The main idea is to explore the possibility of using recycled materials to make the acceptable foam products. The recycled polypropylenes showed the lower melt strength due to the disentanglement.(More)
A new high porosity resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) aerogel with improved particle necking is presented in this work. This RF aerogel was developed under CO2 supercritical drying conditions without any structural shrinkage. The water content and the catalyst percentage were varied to modify the particles' nucleation and growth mechanisms and to control(More)
Biomedical phantoms are commonly used for various medical imaging modalities to improve imaging quality and procedures. Current biomedical phantoms fabricated commercially are high in cost and limited in the specificity of human environments and structures that can be mimicked. This study aimed to control the measurable computed tomography (CT) number in(More)
A simulation-based approach to the design of procedure-specific dexterous neuroendoscopic continuum instruments for endoscopic third ventriculostomy and tumor biopsy is proposed. Given pre-operative CT and MRI images, the algorithm returns instrument design specifications including lengths, curvatures and alternative positions for the surgical incision(More)
INTRODUCTION Quantifying the mechanical behaviors of soft biological tissues is of considerable research interest. However, validity and reproducibility between different researchers and apparatus is questionable. This study aims to quantify the mechanical properties of myocardium while investigating methodologies that can standardize biological tissue(More)
The creation of a novel flexible nanocomposite fiber with conductive polymer polyaniline (PAni) coating on a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate allowed for increased electrochemical performance while retaining ideal mechanical properties such as very high flexibility. Binder-free PAni-wrapped PET (PAni@PET) fiber with a core-shell structure was(More)
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