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In this paper, a bandpass transmission filter realized in phase-shifted waveguide gratings based on photonic crystals (PCs) is proposed. Phase-shift regions each composed of one period of photonic crystal (PC) waveguide are incorporated into PC waveguide gratings. The magnitudes of the phase-shifts are modified by involving small changes in the size of the(More)
Recent advances in attribute-based methods provide the zero-shot learning problem with practical solutions. In attribute-based methods, visual attributes are introduced to fill the gap between low-level image features and high-level semantic information. This paper proposes a novel bimodal attribute prediction model called BAP, which can better predict(More)
For a given image, it is a challenging task to generate its corresponding counterpart with visual inconspicuous modification. The complexity of this problem reasons from the high correlativity between the editing operations and vision perception. Essentially, a significant requirement that should be emphasized is how to make the object modifications hard to(More)
A number of enamine-functionalized 1,2,3-triazole derivatives have been prepared via the Cu-catalyzed three-component reaction of terminal alkyne, azide, and 2H-azirine. The reaction proceeds through insertion of vinyl nitrene into the C-Cu bond of the triazolyl-Cu species, providing an efficient and step- and atom-economic approach to the enamine-bearing(More)
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