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Hamming distance, fuzzy nearness degree and grey relation analysis (GRA) are used to solve fuzzy multiply attribute decision making. This paper proposes a new method named improved similar approach degree method for combining those three kinds of methods to decision making. Finally, the hybrid decision method is illustrated by a numerical example, which(More)
On the basis of path-dependence theory, this paper mainly studies the Chinese SOE and private entrepreneurpsilas incentive evolvement, and the result indicates that the social cultural path-dependence, traditional cultural path-dependence and the institutional path-dependence make effects on the efficiency of Chinese entrepreneurpsilas incentive reform. And(More)
This paper constructs an additive two-stage network DEA (data envelopment analysis) model with consideration of undesirable outputs and shared inputs. Following the triple bottom line standard of sustainability, we calculate both the overall and sub-stage sustainability performance of railway transportation in China from 2002 to 2013, from the aspects of(More)
Multiply attribute decision making has been a hot research topic in the world in recent year, a new method named grey relation projection with deviation degree in interval number is proposed. The deviation degree of interval numbers is firstly established. Based on the idea of grey relation analysis, grey incidence coefficient matrix is obtained by(More)
This paper divides the typical social scientific research process into two stages: the research development stage and the research innovation stage, with personnel as a shared input between them. We construct an input-shared multi-period two-stage DEA (data envelopment analysis) model as measurement of sustainability capacities of social scientific(More)
In this economic globalization era, the FDI (foreign direct investment) coming from developing countries has already broken through the traditional "flying-geese" model. On the basis of the retrospect of traditional FDI theories and the comparison between flying-geese and leapfrog models, this paper studies the evolvement of developing countries' FDI(More)