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The study reported here was designed to assess different aspects related to the research activities undertaken by students in medical school. An extensive questionnaire was administered to 580 graduating seniors which covered degree of participation in research, length of time, circumstances, importance of pay, and level of resulting benefit. Other(More)
BACKGROUND Healthcare aides (HCAs) are the primary caregivers for vulnerable older persons. They have many titles and are largely unregulated, which contributes to their relative invisibility. The objective of this scoping review was to evaluate the breadth and depth of the HCA workforce literature. METHODS We conducted a search of seven online(More)
This study focuses on the development of attitudes toward cancer during medical school. Under consideration were: (a) attitudes toward the patient's inner resources to cope with a serious illness such as cancer, (b) attitudes toward the value of early diagnosis, (c) attitudes toward the value of aggressive treatment, and (d) belief in immortality and(More)
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