Hangping Zhang

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Revalidation of the isobaric multiplet mass equation for the A = 20 quintet B. E. Glassman,1,2,* D. Pérez-Loureiro,2,† C. Wrede,1,2,‡ J. Allen,3 D. W. Bardayan,3 M. B. Bennett,1,2 B. A. Brown,1,2 K. A. Chipps,4,5 M. Febbraro,4,5 C. Fry,1,2 M. R. Hall,3 O. Hall,3 S. N. Liddick,6,2 P. O’Malley,3 W. Ong,1,2 S. D. Pain,4 S. B. Schwartz,1,2 P. Shidling,7 H.(More)
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