Hanghua Wang

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Gray matter brain structures, including deep nuclei and the cerebral cortex, are affected significantly and early in the course of multiple sclerosis and these changes may not be directly related to demyelinating white matter lesions. The hippocampus is an archicortical structure that is critical for memory functions and is especially sensitive to multiple(More)
Recent theoretical and empirical work has focused on the variability of network dynamics in maturation. Such variability seems to reflect the spontaneous formation and dissolution of different functional networks. We sought to extend these observations into healthy aging. Two different data sets, one EEG (total n = 48, ages 18-72) and one(More)
The chemical effects of high-intensity ultrasound on organic liquids are reported. In order to probe the factors which affect sonochemistry in non-aqueous solvents, two very different chemical dosimeters have been used: radical trapping by diphenylpicrylhydrazyl and decomposition of Fe(C0)5. In both cases, good correlation is found between the logarithm of(More)
Recent advances in the design and synthesis of organic synthetic metals have yielded materials that have the highest superconducting transition temperatures (T(c) approximately 13 kelvin) reported for these systems. These materials have crystal structures consisting of alternating layers of organic donor molecules and inorganic anions. Organic(More)
We present the room-temperature Raman spectra of both the protonated and deuterated forms of kappa-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br, kappa-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu(NCS)2 and beta-(BEDT-TTF)2I3. Along with data for the neutral BEDT-TTF molecule these spectra are used to assign the many features in the spectra of the deuterated compounds.
at 25 OC. This reaction involves carbonyl insertion, formation of the carbonyl oxygen-aluminum bond, and also creation of a dative bond between one of the bromine atoms and manganese. In the second step of this arm of the cycle (reaction B') the Br-Mn bond is cleaved by CO. The enthalpy of this reaction in CH2C12 solution, -16.2 f 1.5 kcal/mol, can be used(More)
BACKGROUND Ciprofloxacin (CIP) is frequently used when treating cystic fibrose (CF) patients with intermittent Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. aeruginosa) lung colonization. However, approximately 20% of the patients progress to chronic infection despite early intervention. The aim of this study, was to investigate the pharmacokinetics of CIP, to evaluate if(More)
Oils and organic solvents that leak into water bodies must be promptly removed to avoid ecological disasters, for example, by selective absorption using oleophilic absorbents. However, it remains a challenge for the low-cost synthesis of efficient and recyclable absorbents for oily pollutants. By surface functionalization to inexpensive polyurethane (PU)(More)
831 © 2016 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim www.small-journal.com small 2016, 12, No. 7, 831 H. Li,* N. Kong, B. Laver, J. Liu Hydrogels Constructed from Engineered Proteins DOI: 10.1002/smll.201502429 Q.-J. Ji, B. Yuan, X.-M. Lu, K. Yang,* Y.-Q. Ma* Controlling the Nanoscale Rotational Behaviors of Nanoparticles on the Cell Membranes: A(More)
Raman scattering experiments from high-1; superconductors of the RBa2Cu307-~ type, with R Y, Pr, Nd, Eu, Gd, Dy, and Yb, are reported. Because of the great difBculty in obtaining single-phase samples, spectra from all starting compounds and other known phases of Y-Ba-Cu are presented. This systematic approach has allowed the identi6cation of the lines(More)
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