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With the rapid development of cloud computing, more and more applications need to process large amount of data on clusters. Different types of data processing frameworks in cloud have appeared, such as MapReduce, Spark and Percolator. These frameworks are used to a certain type of data processing. In this paper, we provide processing framework called Wave,(More)
With the coming concept of 'big data', the ability to handle large datasets has become a critical consideration for the success of industrial organizations such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo! and Facebook. As an important Cloud Computing framework for bulk data processing, Hadoop is widely used in these organizations. However, the performance of MapReduce is(More)
Hadoop is a popular framework that provides easy programming interface of parallel programs to process large scale of data on clusters of commodity machines. Data intensive programs are the important part running on the cluster especially in large scale machine learning algorithm which executes of the same program iteratively. In-memory cache of input data(More)
With the development of cloud computing and internet, e-Commerce, e-Business and corporate world revenue are increasing with high rate. These areas require scalable and consistent databases. NoSQL databases such as HBase has been proven to scalability and well performance on cloud computing platforms. However, the inevitable special data with few increment(More)
With the development of cloud computing, more and more applications are moving to a distributed fashion to solve problems. These applications usually contain complex iterative or incremental procedures and have a more urgent requirement on low-latency. Thus many event-driven cloud frameworks are proposed. To optimize this kind of frameworks, an efficient(More)
Sequence alignment algorithms are a basic and critical component of many bioinformatics fields. With rapid development of sequencing technology, the fast growing reference database volumes and longer length of query sequence become new challenges for sequence alignment. However, the algorithms have prohibitively high time and space complexity. In this(More)