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This document captures scope of the Multi-hop System Evaluation Methodology including the Channel Model, Traffic Model and Performance Metrics. This document is a Task Group document to which the harmonized contribution document C802.16j-06/042r2 has been converted as one of the baseline documents defined during the 2 nd Relay TG in session #44. Purpose(More)
Synaptic vesicle protein 2 (SV2) is a membrane glycoprotein common to all synaptic and endocrine vesicles. Unlike many proteins involved in synaptic exocytosis, SV2 has no homolog in yeast, indicating that it performs a function unique to secretion in higher eukaryotes. Although the structure and protein interactions of SV2 suggest multiple possible(More)
The most critical attribute of human language is its unbounded combinatorial nature: smaller elements can be combined into larger structures on the basis of a grammatical system, resulting in a hierarchy of linguistic units, such as words, phrases and sentences. Mentally parsing and representing such structures, however, poses challenges for speech(More)
NDN Forwarding Daemon (NFD) is a network forwarder that implements the Named Data Networking (NDN) protocol. NFD is designed with modularity and extensibility in mind to enable easy experiments with new protocol features, algorithms, and applications for NDN. To help developers extend and improve NFD, this document explains NFD’s internals including the(More)
Two new triterpene synthase cDNAs, named as OEW and TRW, were cloned from olive leaves (Olea europaea) and from dandelion roots (Taraxacum officinale), respectively, by the PCR method with primers designed from the conserved sequences found in the known oxidosqualene cyclases. Their ORFs consisted of 2274 bp nucleotides and coded for 758 amino acid long(More)
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infections play an important role in the development of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The pathogenesis of HBV-related HCC, however, has not been fully described. Evidence suggests that the HBV X protein (HBx) plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of HCC. The high occurrence of anti-HBx antibody in the serum of HCC(More)
beta-Lactamase and penicillin-binding protein 2a mediate staphylococcal resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics, which are otherwise highly clinically effective. Production of these inducible proteins is regulated by a signal-transducing integral membrane protein and a transcriptional repressor. The signal transducer is a fusion protein with(More)
Crystals are generally considered to grow by attachment of ions to inorganic surfaces or organic templates. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy of biomineralization products of iron-oxidizing bacteria revealed an alternative coarsening mechanism in which adjacent 2- to 3-nanometer particles aggregate and rotate so their structures adopt(More)
In decision from experience, the source of probability information affects how probability is distorted in the decision task. Understanding how and why probability is distorted is a key issue in understanding the peculiar character of experience-based decision. We consider how probability information is used not just in decision-making but also in a wide(More)
Motor imagery training is considered as an effective training strategy for motor skill learning and motor function rehabilitation. However, compared with studies of the neural mechanism underlying motor imagery, neuroimaging examinations of motor imagery training are comparatively few. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we designed a 2-week motor(More)