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Turbulence and air entrainment in hydraulic jumps
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Air entrainment and turbulent fluctuations in hydraulic jumps
A hydraulic jump is the sudden transition from a high-velocity impinging flow into a turbulent roller in an open channel. Substantial amounts of air are entrapped at the impingement point, andExpand
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Experimental Study of Turbulent Fluctuations in Hydraulic Jumps
AbstractIn an open channel, the transformation from a supercritical flow into a subcritical flow is a rapidly varied flow with large turbulent fluctuations, intense air entrainment, and substantialExpand
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Using small triangular baffles to facilitate upstream fish passage in standard box culverts
A culvert is a covered channel to pass streams and floodwaters through an embankment. The ecological impact of culverts has been recognised, in particular in terms of stream connectivity, butExpand
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Noncommutative Geometry and Conformal Geometry. II. Connes-Chern character and the local equivariant index theorem
This paper is the second part of a series of papers on noncommutative geometry and conformal geometry. In this paper, we compute explicitly the Connes-Chern character of an equivariant Dirac spectralExpand
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Noncommutative geometry, conformal geometry, and the local equivariant index theorem
We prove a local index formula in conformal geometry by computing the Connes-Chern character for the conformal Dirac (twisted) spectral triple recently constructed by Connes-Moscovici. Following anExpand
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Experimental assessment of characteristic turbulent scales in two-phase flow of hydraulic jump: from bottom to free surface
A hydraulic jump is a turbulent shear flow with a free-surface roller. The turbulent flow pattern is characterised by the development of instantaneous three-dimensional turbulent structuresExpand
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Defect solitons in parity-time periodic potentials.
In this article, properties of solitons in a parity-time periodical lattices with a single-sited defect are investigated. Both of the negative and positive defects are considered. Linear stabilityExpand
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Turbulence and aeration in hydraulic jumps: free-surface fluctuation and integral turbulent scale measurements
In an open channel, a change from a supercritical to subcritical flow is a strong dissipative process called a hydraulic jump. Herein some new measurements of free-surface fluctuations of theExpand
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