Hang Seng Che

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STUDY QUESTION What is the effect of uterine peristalsis on fluid migration after mock embryo transfer? SUMMARY ANSWER Uterine peristaltic wave frequency was positively correlated with the distance that fluid moved after it was deposited in the uterine cavity. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY Embryos have been found outside the uterine cavity after embryo(More)
STUDY QUESTION Does uterine peristalsis influence the chance of clinical pregnancy in an embryo transfer cycle? SUMMARY ANSWER The uterine peristaltic wave frequency before embryo transfer is inversely related to the clinical pregnancy rates in fresh and frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY Uterine peristalsis participates in(More)
The paper presents a study of a six-phase wind energy conversion system (WECS) with series-connected dc-links. The structure of the generation system requires the dc-link voltages to be balanced at the generator's side. To achieve this, it is shown that a dc-link voltage balancing controller can be realised by exploiting the extra degrees of freedom(More)
 This paper discusses the operation of a multiphase system, aimed at both variable-speed drive and generating (e.g. wind energy) applications, using back-to-back converter structure with dual three-phase machine-side converters. In the studied topology, an asymmetrical six-phase induction machine is controlled using two three-phase two-level voltage source(More)
Recently, reduced common-mode voltage (CMV) pulsewidth modulation (RCMV-PWM) methods have been proposed to reduce the leakage current in three-phase transformerless photovoltaic (PV) systems. However, most of these studies only focus on leakage current elimination and neglect the overall performance of the PV systems on issues such as cost, voltage(More)
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