Hang Qin

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Wireless sensor networks are characterized by multihop wireless links and resource constrained nodes. In terms of data collection and forwarding scheduling, this paper investigates the load balancing in sensor nodes and wireless link based on the performance of wireless sensor networks. Leveraging the property of dissimi-larity distribution, a method to(More)
Oil and gas pipelines are the infrastructure of national economic development. Deployment problem of wireless underground sensor networks (WUSN) for oil and gas pipeline systems is a fundamental problem. This paper firstly analyzed the wireless channel characteristics and energy consumption model in near-surface underground soil, and then studied the(More)
—Cognitive Radio network (CRN) is a network composed of elements that, through learning and reasoning, dynamically adapt to varying network conditions in order to improve spectrum efficiency for wireless networking. To investigate opportunistic scheduling, this paper develops a methodology based on the jointly consideration of the power control, spectrum(More)
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