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—In 3GPP LTE-Advanced networks deployed with type I relay nodes (RNs), resource partition is required to support in-band relaying. This paper focuses on how to partition system resources in order to attain improved fairness and efficiency. We first formulate the generalized proportional fair (GPF) resource allocation problem to provide fairness for all(More)
—Multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) technology can efficiently increase the system capacity in rich scattering environments without increasing the bandwidth or transmission power. The precoder for MIMO transmission is a processing technique that exploits the channel state information (CSI) by operating on the signal before transmission to effectively(More)
Conventional optimization designs of wireless networks mainly focus on spectral efficiency (SE) as a performance metric. However, as diverse media services are emerging, a green wireless network, which not only meets the quality of experience (QoE) requirements for users and also improves energy efficiency (EE), is the most appropriate solution. In this(More)