Hang Khume Tan

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The dedicated servo media (DSM) is the conventional perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) media with an inserted servo recording layer between the data recording layer and the soft underlayer. By using the conventional PMR media as the reference, the design consideration on the layer structure, the preparation, the magnetic properties, the microstructure,(More)
Microstructural investigations of granular perpendicular recording media based on stacked CoPt-alloy layers were carried out using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM). In the structure investigated, a thin layer of CoPt with high Pt concentration was inserted to meet the thermal stability requirements at higher densities. The increase(More)
Carbon overcoats play an important role in the corrosion protection of recording media used in hard disk drive technology. Filtered-cathodic vacuum arc (FCVA) has been studied in the past as a potential technology for depositing media overcoat. In order to achieve the desired property of FCVA carbon, it is essential to apply a suitable bias voltage, which(More)
Ion implantation is a promising technique for fabricating high density bit patterned media (BPM) as it may eliminate the requirement of disk planarization. However, there has not been any notable study on the impact of implantation on BPM fabrication of FePt, particularly at nano-scale, where the lateral straggle of implanted ions may become comparable to(More)
The role of thermally excited magnetization reversals on magnetic interactions in stacked magnetic layers with perpendicular anisotropy has been investigated by first-order reversal curves (FORC) and coercive squareness (S*). For this purpose, a study of the effect of systematic variation of exchange interaction in granular perpendicular magnetic anisotropy(More)
New methodology to obtain reliable correlation between magnetic cluster details measured using magnetic force microscopy (MFM) and noise in perpendicular recording media is reported. In addition to the ac demagnetized state, which is often studied by several researchers, magnetic clusters were examined at two other magnetic states of the recording medium to(More)
Perpendicular recording media technology faces limitation in the writability of media with high anisotropy. Therefore, alternative methods are sought to overcome this problem. Heat-assisted magnetic recording may give rise to high areal densities, but the technological process will take time. We have studied methods to improve the writability in(More)
The planarization of patterned recording media is essential to overcome the ¿flying height reduction¿ and ¿flying instability¿ of the head-slider. This paper reports two planarization techniques; one by compressing a morphological smooth surface onto a low glass transition temperature T<sub>g</sub>/UV curable polymer/material coated patterned sample, while(More)
The microdomain orientation in thin films of cylinder- and lamella- forming polystyrene-block-polymethyl methacrylate (PS-b-PMMA) copolymers on functional poly (styrene-r- methyl methacrylate) P(S-r-MMA) or polystyrene (PS) brushed substrates was studied using field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM). In order to prepare a well-ordered block(More)