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Pressure-induced landau-type transition in stishovite
A Rietveld structural analysis of stishovite, with angle-dispersive x-ray diffraction synchrotron source at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, confirmed a CaCl2 form of stishoviteExpand
Graphite under pressure: Equation of state and first-order Raman modes.
We have measured lattice parameters and Raman spectra of hexagonal graphite at pressures up to the structural phase transition near 14 GPa (T=300 K). The frequencies of the ${E}_{2g}$(1) rigid-layerExpand
New high-pressure structural transition of oxygen at 96 GPa associated with metallization in a molecular solid.
By using a high-energy and high-brilliance synchrotron radiation source in the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and the Photon Factory, an angle-dispersive powder x-ray diffraction study ofExpand
Pressure dependence of the first-order Raman mode in diamond.
Mesure, jusqu'a 40 GPa, de l'effet d'une pression isotrope sur la frequence du mode Raman fondamental du diamant. La frequence du mode augmente lineairement avec la variation de longueur d'onde de laExpand
Fast in situ x-ray-diffraction studies of chemical reactions: A synchrotron view of the hydration of tricalcium aluminate.
  • Jupe, Turrillas, +4 authors Hanfland
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 1 June 1996
Synchrotron infrared spectroscopy at megabar pressures: Vibrational dynamics of hydrogen to 180 GPa.
We have developed new techniques for measuring infrared spectra at megabar pressures using synchrotron radiation and applied them to study the {ital Q}{sub 1}(1), {ital Q}{sub 1}(1)+{ital S}{subExpand
Optical properties of metallic silicon.
Possibilities and limitations of parametric Rietveld refinement on high pressure data: The case study of LaFeO3
Abstract Parametric Rietveld refinement is a powerful technique to apply directly physical or empirical equations to the refinement of in situ powder diffraction data. In order to investigate theExpand
Synchrotron infrared spectroscopy to 0.15 eV of H2 and D2 at megabar pressures.
New synchrotron infrared absorption and reflectivity techniques have been developed to test predicted band overlap metallization in H 2 and D2 above 150 GPa at various temperatures. Measurements onExpand
Novel infrared vibron absorption in solid hydrogen at megabar pressures.
We report new phenomena associated with the infrared-active vibrons in hydrogen at megabar pressures. We find a striking 3 order of magnitude increase in vibron absorbance at the 150 GPa phaseExpand