Hanen Bouali

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Common stream mining tasks include classification, clustering and frequent pattern mining among them, data stream classification has drawn particular attention due to its vast real-time application. Through these applications, the main goal is to efficiently build classification models from data streams for accurate prediction. The development of such model(More)
—Bell's palsy is the paralysis of facial muscles caused by perturbations affecting the facial nerve. It is the origin of a physical suffering, and has an emotional and psychological impact on patients. Treatments of Bell's palsy are still not well-defined, nevertheless physical therapies techniques, such as facial exercise, biofeedback, laser,(More)
Big Data refers to an enormous volume of structured and unstructured data that cannot be handled with traditional databases. The emergence of big data is due to the huge quantities of information. Currently, researchers tend to study big data particularly data produced from social networks. Nowadays, these latest become a vital and crucial tool in tracking(More)
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