Hanching Chiu

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BACKGROUND Well-annotated clinical samples are valuable resources for biomarker discovery and validation. Multiplex and integrated methods that simultaneously measure multiple analytes and generate integrated information about these analytes from a single measurement are desirable because these methods help conserve precious samples. We developed a magnetic(More)
BACKGROUND Assays used for discovery of biomarkers should be robust and high-throughput, capable of analyzing a sufficiently large number of samples over a sufficiently long period of time with good precision. METHODS We evaluated the analytical performance of the Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Cancer Biomarker Panel 1, a 16-plex multiplex immunoassay, in serum for(More)
Glycosylation is one of the most common protein modifications and profoundly regulates many biological processes. Aberrant glycosylation is reported to associate with diseases such as cancers, human immunodeficiency virus, and immune disorders. It is considerably important to study protein glycosylation and the associated glycans for diagnostics and disease(More)
Lectin immunosorbant assays (LISAs) have been widely used for analyzing protein glycosylation. However, the analysis of serum samples by LISAs could suffer from high sample-dependent background noise. The aim of this study is to develop a differential lectin immunosorbant assay (dLISA) with reduced background interferences. For the analysis of protein(More)
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