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This paper proposes a method of detecting Harris corners from spherical retina image, which is assumed to be captured from a spherical retina camera. In a spherical retina camera, the photodetectors are supposed to be arranged on a sphere. Therefore, a spherical retina image is a discrete spherical image, which is obtained by tessellating a sphere into(More)
A divisible geodesic dome's image is often used for the representation of a spherical image in a digital computer. In the spherical image, any points are enclosed by a triangle facet whose vertices correspond to the position of the pixels. In this paper we propose two novel algorithms of interpolating a point on a sphere based on the values of the three(More)
In this paper we propose a novel method of estimating indoor scenes from a single full-view image. On the one hand, the conventional methods cope with limited field of view images, such as perspective images and hemispherical omnidirectional images, which result in visually open boundary condition, called open geometry. On the other hand, a full-view image(More)
While the conventional image plane is planar, recently bio-inspired cameras are developed in which the photodetectors are positioned on a hemisphere. Image captured by such a spherical retina camera is a discrete spherical image with irregular pixels. In this paper we propose a novel method of computing optical flow from such discrete spherical images. We(More)
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