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Bacillus nematocida B16 has been shown to use "Trojan horse" mechanism in pathogenesis that has characteristics of "social" behavior. The ComP-ComA system, a conserved quorum sensing system in the genus Bacillus, functions in many physiological processes including competence development, lipopeptide antibiotic surfactin production, degradative enzyme(More)
The development of multifunctional nanoparticles has attracted increasing attention. The versatility of nanoparticles largely depends on their physiochemical properties (especially size). However, the optimized size range may be different for the bioapplications of each function associated with multifunctional nanoparticles. It is important to investigate(More)
Near-infrared (NIR) laser-controlled gene delivery presents some benefits in gene therapy, inducing enhanced gene transfection efficiency. In this study, a "photothermal transfection" agent is obtained by wrapping poly(ethylenimine)-cholesterol derivatives (PEI-Chol) around single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs). The PEI-Chol modified SWNTs (PCS) are(More)
Photothermal therapy (PTT) employs photo-absorbing agents to generate heat from optical energy, leading to the 'burning' of tumor cells. Real-time imaging of in vivo distribution of photothermal agents and monitoring of post-treatment therapeutic outcomes are very important to design and optimize personalized PTT treatment. In this work, we used(More)
Endometriosis is difficult to treat since the side effects of the current therapeutic method and the high recurrence rate; thus, newer and safer therapeutic approaches are urgently needed. This work investigates the enhanced permeability and retention effect of CdTe quantum dots (QDs) and hollow gold nanospheres (HAuNS) in endometriosis to increase the(More)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) and photothermal therapy (PTT) have captured much attention due to the great potential to cure malignant tumor. Nevertheless, photodynamic resistance of cancer cells has limited the further efficacy of PDT. Unfortunately, the resistance mechanism and efforts to overcome the resistance still have been rarely reported so far. Here,(More)
This paper presents some motion path tracking algorithms of mobile robot based on machine vision. The machine vison subsystem of robot capture the information of motion path in real-time, which is stored and processed to get the distance error and angle error of robot and motion path. With those algorithms, system could eliminate the errors , tracking the(More)
Both photothermal therapy (PTT) and photodynamic therapy (PDT) are phototherapeutic approaches, which have been widely investigated for cancer therapy mediated by an external light source. Here, a nanosystem presenting the synchronous PTT and PDT effect realized through one-step near-infrared (NIR) light irradiation is reported. This system was fabricated(More)
Recently, interest in tumor-targeted and site-specific drug release from nanoparticles as a means of drug delivery has increased. In this study, we report a smart nanosized micelle formed by hyaluronic acid (HA) conjugated with d-α-tocopherol succinate (TOS) using a disulfide bond as the linker (HA-SS-TOS, HSST). HSST micelles can specifically bind to the(More)