Hanbin Xiao

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The motion that the crane simulator renders through the motion simulation platform, usually a 6-DOF Steward platform, can be divided into two types, the large-scale one and small-scale one. The later refers to the oscillation that the driver feels when he is operating the machine. In order to obtain the driving function to make the motion platform to render(More)
For the high-risks of construction logistics, a reasonable transportation route is able to reduce the risk effectively and ensure that the materials can reach the construction site successfully. Based on the features of construction logistics and the complex network theory, influence factors in the process of transportation have been converted into the(More)
Supplier quality determines the quality of products offered, and how to quickly and effectively select high-quality suppliers is one of the core issues facing enterprise. From the perspective of the supply chain, this article proposes the theoretical model of the supplier evaluation and selection, establishes a index system of comprehensive evaluation, and(More)
This paper systematically study the calculative theory of of large-scale port crane's the temperature field and thermal stress, Use the finite element software ANSYS to mode and analyse the large-scale port crane under the temperature field and temperature stress. Carry out a detailed study to results of the analysis and determine the impact of temperature(More)
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