Hanan M A Moustafa

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The alteration of peripheral blood T-and B-lymphocyte proliferative responses were determined during different periods of withdrawal in heroin (Hw) and heroin / bhang (HBw) addicts. The results clearly demonstrated a significant decrease in the response of T- lymphocytes to PHA-stimulation and secretion of IL-2 in both Hw and HBw addicts. The in vitro(More)
Phosphopentomutase (PPM) catalyzes the interconversion of α-D-(deoxy)-ribose 1-phosphate and α-D-(deoxy)-ribose 5-phosphate. We developed a coupled or uncoupled enzymatic assay with an enzyme nucleoside phosphorylase for determining PPM activities on D-ribose 5-phosphate at a broad temperature range from 30 to 90 °C. This assay not only is simple and highly(More)
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