Hanan Al-Husainan

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Seventeen children with Erb's (C5/6 and C5/6/7 types) obstetric brachial plexus palsy who underwent low rotation humeral osteotomy to treat internal rotation contracture of the shoulder were recalled back to the clinic at a mean of 10 (range 8-14) years after surgery. Eight were male and nine female with mean age of 16 (range 13-20) years. The osteotomy(More)
Use of the entire hypoglossal nerve for nerve transfer in obstetric palsy is not recommended because of major donor nerve morbidity in terms of feeding and speech problems. We used a hemi-hypoglossal nerve transfer for biceps reinnervation in obstetric palsy in 3 infants with multiple root avulsions. Two of the 3 infants recovered normal or near-normal(More)
We describe a very unusual contact charcoal burn associated with acute central cord syndrome. The patient is a known case of cervical degenerative disc disease who accidentally slipped and fell down in hot charcoal with sudden neck hyperextension. This lead to acute central cord syndrome, quadriplegia, loss of sensation, and bilateral lower limb 4 degree(More)
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