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We examined the nonveridicality of visual direction produced by monocular viewing. In Experiment 1, 19 subjects pointed to a small light and moved a small light to their subjective median plane. The extent of constant error under monocular and binocular viewing conditions differed in both tasks (p less than .001). The monocular-binocular difference was(More)
The motions of myosin filaments actively sliding along suspended actin filaments were studied. By manipulating a double-beam laser tweezers, single actin filaments were suspended between immobilized microbeads. When another beads coated with myosin filaments were dragged to suspended actin filaments, the beads instantly and unidirectionally slid along the(More)
For plant species with unsequenced genomes, cDNA contigs created by de novo assembly of RNA-Seq reads are used as reference sequences for comparative analysis of RNA-Seq datasets and the detection of differentially expressed genes (DEGs). Redundancies in such contigs are evident in previous RNA-Seq studies, and such redundancies can lead to difficulties in(More)
Mature dry seeds contain translatable mRNAs called long-lived mRNAs. Early studies have shown that protein synthesis during the initial phase of seed germination occurs from long-lived mRNAs, without de novo transcription. However, the gene expression systems that generate long-lived mRNAs in seeds are not well understood. To examine the accumulation of(More)
We isolated differentially expressed and dark-responsive genes during flower development and opening in petals of morning glory. Flower opening usually depends on petal expansion and is regulated by both genetic and environmental factors. Flower opening in morning glory (Ipomoea nil) is controlled by the dark/light regime just prior to opening. Opening was(More)
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