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AIM To note the morphological variations and morphometric details of foramina ovale in dry adult skulls of Indian origin. MATERIAL AND METHODS 82 dry adult human skulls of unknown sex and of Indian origin were obtained and variations in appearance and number of foramen ovale were noted. The length and width of the foramina ovale of both sides were(More)
INTRODUCTION Multiple myeloma is a plasma cell neoplasm that is characterized by clonal proliferation of malignant plasma cell in the bone marrow along with M-protein in the serum and/or urine. Pancytopenia as a initial presentation of multiple myeloma is quite unusual. We are presenting a case series having pancytopenia as the presenting complaint. (More)
Cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma can present either as a primary disease or as secondary to a pre-existing systemic anaplastic lymphoma. Distinguishing primary cutaneous anaplastic lymphoma (PC-ALCL) from its systemic counterpart requires a complete clinical and laboratory workup. We hereby report a case of PC-ALCL in a young adult, who presented(More)
INTRODUCTION Neuroendocrine differentiation in colorectal carcinomas, detected using immunohistochemistry and ultrastructural techniques, has been studied as a prognostic marker for invention of targeted therapy. There are a few studies done on this aspect which have shown conflicting results ranging from poor prognosis to no prognostic significance. AIM(More)
INTRODUCTION Complete blood picture is the first and foremost investigation ordered for evaluation of acute infectious processes which require early and prompt intervention. With the advent of automated Coulter (®) Haematology analysers, the Volume, Conductivity & Scatter parameters of the leucocytes could be analysed for the early detection of the(More)
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