Hanady M. Abdulsalam

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Many recent applications deal with continues flows of data (data streams). One important area of applications that is based on data streams is the area of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) applications. Since sensors have limited lifetime, the need for developing algorithms for aggregating sensors' data forms an important concern in the area of WSNs. We(More)
Cloud computing, an on-demand computation model that consists of large data-centers (Clouds) managed by cloud providers, offers storage and computation needs for cloud users based on service level agreements (SLAs). Services in cloud computing are offered at relatively low cost. The model, therefore, forms a great target for many applications, such as(More)
Applications for wireless sensor networks (WSNs), such as environmental monitoring, flood detection, and health-care applications, have encountered a great deal of attention in recent research. Some applications of WSNs experience that the distribution of their sensors evolves with time. Others may require having mobile sensors. We, therefore, consider the(More)
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