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There is a need of noteworthy scaling down in the information approached may be saved in the most recent decade. Delicate and advanced version hard paper duplicate which helps in two ways that they increased the effectiveness from claiming data management but also improved the distribution of entrance of information. On engineered DNA, it may be a chance to(More)
Digital images can be compressed by using data compression processes with the aim of lessening image data redundancy and save or send out an efficient form of data. This is not an easy task because large volumes of data comprise an original image, requiring huge memory allocation and inconvenient transmission. In this paper, the Human Visual System-based(More)
For the majority of computer vision applications, the ability to identify and detect objects in motion has become a crucial necessity. Background subtraction, also referred to as foreground detection is an innovation used with image processing and computer vision fields when trying to detect an object in motion within videos from static cameras. This is(More)
In recent years, multimedia computing has emerged as a major area of research. This led to the development of various other types of applications like video, images and graphics. Data compression is specifically valuable during communication as it enables the electronic devices to store and transmit the data in a smaller number of bits. The following(More)
In today's life, images play a significant role in many Big Data application fields for various purposes. Image processing has to face the huge challenges because of images created in a digital format which leads to huge data volumes. Using Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000 (JPEG2000) compression techniques to meet the diverse type of real-time(More)
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