Hana Sochorová

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Biomedical engineering, clinical engineering and medical informatics represent interdisciplinary branches which are very progressive and acknowledged and which intervene into many spheres. The mentioned branches apply various technical principles and skills in biology and medicine: from proposals, construction and implementation, to the servicing of medical(More)
The impairments of sensorimotor hand functions after a stroke have a negative impact on the subject’s interaction with external settings and on performing common daily and working activities and thus on the quality of his or her life (Carey, 1995). Since the structure and function of the cerebral cortex is capable of after stroke modifications, new(More)
The vocal apparatus serves phonation. It represents a biocybernetic self-regulating system, disposing of a feedback network of the central nervous system. The larynx is a self-induced vibrating system. The larynx, functioning as the phonation apparatus of the vocal apparatus, is a source of human voice. In every individual its frequency range corresponds to(More)
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