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The aim of the study was to assess the 6-months treatment efficacy and 24-month follow up of three different therapeutic programs (A. moclobemide and supportive guidance, B. group cognitive-behavioral therapy and pill placebo, and C. combination of moclobemide and group cognitive-behavioral therapy) in patients with a generalized form of social phobia.(More)
The presented study compares the effect of the well-tested antidepressant maprotiline and a new antidepressant with an atypical pharmacological profile, levoprotiline, on EEG during repeated assessment after single dose administration. From the original number of 34 patients fulfilling the criteria of a major depressive episode (DSM-III-R) on account of a(More)
We describe a double-blind study involving 58 in-patients with major depression (DSM-III). After one week on placebo, the patients were randomly assigned to either levoprotiline or maprotiline treatment for three weeks. In the next three weeks, responders were maintained on the same medication and non-responders were shifted to treatment with the(More)
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