Hana Kratochvílová

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TMEM70 protein represents a novel ancillary factor of mammalian ATP synthase. We have investigated import and processing of this factor in human cells using GFP- and FLAG-tagged forms of TMEM70 and specific antibodies. TMEM70 is synthesized as a 29kDa precursor protein that is processed to a 21kDa mature form. Immunocytochemical detection of TMEM70 showed(More)
We studied 24-h ambulatory blood pressure (SBP, DBP), actual glycemic control assessed from seven blood glucose measurements, 16-h daytime and 8-h nighttime urinary excretion of albumin (UAE) and retinol-binding protein (URBP) in 20 normoalbuminuric (group A, nighttime UAE < 20 micrograms/min) and 20 microalbuminuric and low-proteinuric type I diabetic(More)
Endothelial damage, platelet hyperactivity and other changes of blood coagulation may play a role in the vascular complications of essential hypertension. Undesirable changes of haemostasis induced by some anti-hypertensive drugs can encourage the acceleration of atherogenesis. Therefore, the effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE)-inhibitors on(More)
Dysfunction of TMEM70 disrupts the biogenesis of ATP synthase and represents the frequent cause of autosomal recessive encephalocardiomyopathy. We used tagged forms of TMEM70 and demonstrated that it has a hairpin structure with the N- and C-termini oriented towards the mitochondrial matrix. On BN-PAGE TMEM70 was detected in multiple forms including dimers(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The existence of a negative-feedback mechanism between pancreatic enzyme secretion and intraduodenal proteases and the role of cholecystokinin in its mediation in humans is debatable. The presence of such a feedback mechanism in chronic pancreatitis patients with exocrine enzyme deficiency possibly leads to an increase in cholecystokinin(More)
Endothelial damage and platelet hyperactivity may play a role in the vascular complications of essential hypertension. Restoration of endothelial function and reduction of increased platelet aggregation in essential hypertension are one of the aims of modern anti-hypertensive therapy. Therefore, the effect of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study is to assess the diagnostic value of the serum transferrin receptor in distinguishing IDA (iron deficiency anemia) from ACD (anemia of chronic diseases) and combination of IDA and ACD (COMBI anemia) as compared to conventional laboratory tests of iron metabolism. BACKGROUND Serum iron and serum ferritin are tests(More)
The circadian (24 hour) rhythmicity of somatostatin in healthy subjects and patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) was studied and established. UC patients were found to have a higher 24-hour amplitude, a higher average level and a longer peak level phase of plasma somatostatin. This finding may indicate a defensive role of somatostatin in inflammatory bowel(More)
Vitamin D deficiency may be one reason for the onset and development of osteoporosis. The aim of the present study was to determine the occurrence rates of hypovitaminosis D in an unselected group of individuals presenting with common medical conditions and hospitalized for long periods. Concentrations of 1,25-(OH)2 D3 were measured in 89 patients (38 males(More)
BACKGROUND Mutations in the RMND1 (Required for Meiotic Nuclear Division protein 1) gene have recently been linked to infantile onset mitochondrial disease characterised by multiple mitochondrial respiratory chain defects. METHODS We summarised the clinical, biochemical and molecular genetic investigation of an international cohort of affected individuals(More)