Hana Davídkovová

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We compared the effects of hot and cold spells on cardiovascular mortality in the Czech Republic over 1986–2006 and examined differences between population groups. We used analogous definitions for hot and cold spells that are based on quantiles of daily average temperature anomalies and do not incorporate any location-specific threshold. Epidemics of(More)
BACKGROUND Many studies have reported associations between temperature extremes and cardiovascular mortality but little has been understood about differences in the effects on acute and chronic diseases. The present study examines hot and cold spell effects on ischaemic heart disease (IHD) mortality in the Czech Republic during 1994-2009, with emphasis upon(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyse trends in cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality and hospitalisations in the Czech Republic in 1994-2009 and to assess the contribution of inhospital case-fatality rates (CFR) to changes in national CVD mortality. DESIGN National hospitalisation and mortality registers were used to estimate rates of hospital admissions and mortality(More)
Several studies have examined the relationship of high and low air temperatures to cardiovascular mortality in the Czech Republic. Much less is understood about heat-/cold-related cardiovascular morbidity and possible regional differences. This paper compares the effects of warm and cold days on excess mortality and morbidity for cardiovascular diseases(More)
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