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The overriding analytical question of the global turmoil of 2007–09 is that of amplification. The turmoil started out in the floating-rate segment of the US subprime mortgage market, a relatively small part of the US mortgage market. Had the losses of US and other financial institutions been limited to those caused by defaults on subprime mortgages, the(More)
It is well known that polymorphonuclear (PMN) leukocytes move and that lysosomes move within these cells (21). It has been suggested that micro-tubules or microfilaments are involved in these movements (1, 17, 22). This paper demonstrates that microfilaments are associated with lysosomes and suggests that organized contractile microfila-ments are involved(More)
Six different statistical methods for comparing limiting dilution assays were evaluated, using both real data and a power analysis of simulated data. Simulated data consisted of a series of 12 dilutions for two treatment groups with 24 cultures per dilution and 1,000 independent replications of each experiment. Data within each replication were generated by(More)
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