Hana Akselrod

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OBJECTIVES We examined HIV, hepatitis B virus (HBV), and HCV seroprevalence in an interim analysis and the potential risk factors associated with these infections among injection drug users (IDUs) residing in nonurban communities of southwestern Connecticut. METHODS We recruited and interviewed active adult IDUs about their injection-associated risk and(More)
Modern computational models of infectious diseases greatly enhance our ability to understand new infectious threats and assess the effects of different interventions. The recently-released CDC Framework for Preventing Infectious Diseases calls for increased use of predictive modelling of epidemic emergence for public health preparedness. Currently, the(More)
BACKGROUND To inform development, targeting, and penetration of materials from a national injection safety campaign, an evaluation was conducted to assess provider knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to unsafe injection practices. METHODS A panel of physicians (n = 370) and nurses (n = 320) were recruited from 8 states to complete an online(More)
At its most basic, the title of a medical doctor represents a commitment to engage with patients, helping and advising them to the best of one’s ability. When the physician also takes on the role of researcher, which responsibilities have the greater claim on his or her time? While the question of allocating time between the clinic and the laboratory can be(More)
We describe two cases of donor-derived methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteremia that developed after transplantation of organs from a common donor who died from acute MRSA endocarditis. Both recipients developed recurrent MRSA infection despite appropriate antibiotic therapy, and required prolonged hospitalization and hospital(More)
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