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Customer relationship management (CRM) holds great promise for sustainable organizations, but the majority of organizations investing in CRM consider it is a disappointment. Internet business model (IBM) provides an effective connection and interaction with customers to explain how organizations create value and profits on the Internet. Both CRM and IBM(More)
This study exploits an aspect of process integration to address the CRM propositions in a real business model which could examine an organization's CRM orientation. An approach of two-dimensional process integration can separate four patterns to assist an organization toward the successful course of being CRM driven. Successful CRM in a business model(More)
—A growing number of established business blogs are now available to shed some light on businesses. They change the rule of marketing and communication media both internal and external and will possibly change their beliefs, behavior, and usages. This study has focused on how to interpret an event through blogs when businesses post new issues or topic(More)
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