Han van Oosterbos

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Is primary care capable of taking a dominant role in running the whole health care system? This challenging question is what makes this book interesting and takes the debate one step ahead in the discussion of solely strengthening primary care, however important. In doing so, it affects the heart of integrated care; how to improve the clinical coherence and(More)
One of the weak points of our current primary care system—that is primary health care and community care together—is the lack of an integrated approach. This applies especially to the prevention, treatment and long term care of elderly persons and the chronically ill. Primary care appears like a group of islands with little connection; each island with its(More)
Stem cells are characterized by two defining features, the ability to self-renew and to differentiate into highly specialized cell types. The POU homeodomain transcription factor Oct4 (Pou5f1) is an essential mediator of the embryonic stem cell state and has been implicated in lineage specific differentiation, adult stem cell identity, and cancer. Recent(More)
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