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A three-generation resource family was created by crossing two Berkshire grandsires with nine Yorkshire granddams to identify QTL affecting growth, body composition, and meat quality. A total of 512 F2 offspring were evaluated for 11 traits related to growth and body composition and 28 traits related to meat quality. All animals were initially genotyped for(More)
Active contour models have already been successfully used for object detection and tracking based on their ability to effectively describe curve and elastic properties. However, despite the successful use of active contour models, various technical problems still remain. The major problem is that their performance is very sensitive to the location of the(More)
To achieve a high level of accuracy from an integrated GPS/INS system, the carrier-phase observations have to be used to update the integration filter’s states. It is a prerequisite that the integer ambiguity must be resolved before using carrier-phase measurements. However, the occurrence of an undetected cycle slip will significantly degrade the filter’s(More)
Method There have been several adaptive approaches to improve SNR without much degradation of resolution. e.g., adaptive filter based on the local statistics with 1-D and 2D linear least square error algorithm (LLSE), 2-D adaptive recursive filter, and nonlinear anisotropic filters. Since these algorithms assume a fixed template or only a few templates(More)
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