Han-cheng Liu

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the molluscicidal effect of the plastic film mulch covering method. METHODS In the barren land with a lot of Oncomelania hupensis snails, 3 experimental groups were set up, in which respectively using 3 different methods: a simple plastic film mulch covering method, film assisted with ammonium bicarbonate, and film assisted with(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the human resources of the grassroots institutions of schistosomiasis control and prevention, so as to provide the evidence for formulating the standards of institutional capacity-building. METHODS By using the combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, the hierarchy of schistosomiasis control institution workers,(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the molluscicidal effects between "Luo-wei" (TDS), a plant molluscicide in 4 percent, and metaldehyde and niclosamide (MNSC) in the field. METHODS A natural ecological environment with Oncomelania hupensis was selected as the test area, the test concentrations of TDS and MNSC were 2.5 g/m3 and 2 ml/m3 respectively by the immersion(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the current situation of management of institutions of schistosomiasis prevention and control in Hubei Province, so as to explore the probable competency building standards for these institutions at the county and township levels. METHODS By using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, the institutions of(More)
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