Han-chang Zhou

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Density-based nonparametric clustering techniques, such as the mean shift algorithm, are well known for their flexibility and effectiveness in real-world vision-based problems. The underlying kernel density estimation process can be very expensive on large datasets. In this paper, the divide-and-conquer method is proposed to reduce these computational(More)
Aimed at the measurement demand for development of better X-ray scintillation crystals, a photoelectrical detector for integrally test the multi-parameter spectral responsivity of scintillation crystals was developed. The conversion spectrum of the scintillation crystal excited by various X-ray energies under the critical focal length could be measured(More)
In the gas concentration detection process using the characteristic spectrum absorption method, in order to improve the detection accuracy of the gas concentration, it often has to use the high-quality narrowband modulated laser and modulate wavelength to align with the characteristic absorption peaks of measured gas. But by this way, the cost of the laser(More)
The resonance Rayleigh scattering spectral detection system was designed based on the 2, 9, 16, 23-tetracarboxylate-phthalocyanine zinc and protein system. In the system, excitation light source is 405 nm wide band gap semiconductor lasers, and monochromator is 475 nm narrow-band band-pass filter, and the detector is low-noise and high-gain photoelectric(More)
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