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Intercultural Competence in Technical Communication: A Working Definition and Review of Assessment Methods
  • Han Yu
  • Psychology
  • 31 January 2012
The field of technical communication has made notable progress in researching and teaching intercultural issues. Not enough discussion, however, is available on assessing students’ interculturalExpand
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Multicollinearity in hierarchical linear models.
This study investigates an ill-posed problem (multicollinearity) in Hierarchical Linear Models from both the data and the model perspectives. We propose an intuitive, effective approach to diagnosingExpand
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Mitigating Herding in Hierarchical Crowdsourcing Networks
Hierarchical crowdsourcing networks (HCNs) provide a useful mechanism for social mobilization. Expand
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Towards AI-powered personalization in MOOC learning
We offer a perspective on how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) may support the personalization of learning at a large scale and enhance research in MOOCs. Expand
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A Novel Feature Incremental Learning Method for Sensor-Based Activity Recognition
We propose a novel feature incremental learning method, namely the Feature Incremental Random Forest (FIRF), to improve the performance of an existing model with a small amount of data on newly appeared features. Expand
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Exponential structure of income inequality: evidence from 67 countries
Economic competition between humans leads to income inequality, but, so far, there has been little understanding of underlying quantitative mechanisms governing such a collective behavior. We analyzeExpand
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The Research of Landslide Forecast Model Based on the Subarea of Easily to Produce Geological Disaster
We collected all the cases of landslide in Chongqing during 1980 to 2006 and counted them based on the subarea of easily to produce geological disaster with Chongqing municipal bureau of landExpand
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Probing the impact of sulfur/selenium/carbon linkages on prodrug nanoassemblies for cancer therapy
Tumor cells are characterized as redox-heterogeneous intracellular microenvironment due to the simultaneous overproduction of reactive oxygen species and glutathione. Rational design ofExpand
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Lack of anodic capacitance causes power overshoot in microbial fuel cells.
Power overshoot commonly makes the performance evaluation of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) inaccurate. Here, three types of carbon with different capacitance (ultracapacitor activated carbon (UAC),Expand
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Algorithmic Management for Improving Collective Productivity in Crowdsourcing
Crowdsourcing systems are complex not only because of the huge number of potential strategies for assigning workers to tasks, but also due to the dynamic characteristics associated with workers. Expand
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