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BACKGROUND Traumatic rupture of the diaphragm is an unusual type of trauma. In addition, it is difficult to diagnose because it can be accompanied by injuries to other organs. If it is not detected early, the mortality rate can increase due to serious complications. Diaphragmatic rupture is an important indicator of the severity of the trauma. The aim of(More)
Waterlogged paddy and water-unsaturated upland ecosystems have contrasting soil nitrogen (N) processes that affect the natural 15N abundance (15N/14N, expressed as δ15N) in different N pools. In this study, we investigated the δ15N patterns in soil and plant N pools of paddy and upland ecosystems. Samples were collected from 20 each of paddy and upland(More)
Only limited information is available in the research area on the effect of elevated CO2 concentration ([CO2]) and air temperature (Tair) on the fertilizer N uptake by rice. This study was conducted to investigate changes in rice uptake of N derived from fertilizer (NDFF) and soil (NDFS) as well as fertilizer N uptake efficiency (FUE) with elevated [CO2](More)
Crop models are suitable tools to assess the potential impacts of climate change on crop productivity. While the associated assessment reports have been focused on major rice production regions, there is little information on how climate change will impact the future rice crop production in mountainous highland regions. This study investigated effects of(More)
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