Han-Yan Tao

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The computed tomography (CT) findings or cytologic results, or both, for 21 patients with cystic pancreatic neoplasm (4 with microcystic cystadenoma, 6 with macrocystic mucinous cystadenoma, 10 with macrocystic mucinous cystadenocarcinoma and 1 with a papillary cystic neoplasm) were reviewed. CT scans for 14 of the patients were reviewed by two(More)
We have previously described a model system, using 15-day fetal mouse metatarsals cultured in serumless medium, in which osteoclasts and their precursors develop from in situ progenitors in a manner which is similar, both temporally and spatially, to that which occurs in vivo. In this report we evaluate the role of the osteotropic hormone(More)
An in vitro model system is described, using metatarsal explants from 15-day mouse embryos (E15) cultured in serumless chemically defined medium, to study fetal skeletal development with particular emphasis on de novo osteoclast formation. The normal pattern of growth and differentiation observed in vitro, assessed by ultrastructure and morphometry,(More)
Percutaneous abscess and fluid drainage (PAFD) of various intraabdominal collections with computed tomographic and ultrasonic guidance is well established. Current techniques use a catheter of pigtail design introduced either by multiple step dilatations or a separate trocar insertion, and are subject to complications which can be avoided by use of a new(More)
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