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This study aims to explore the association between early sex initiation and subsequent unsafe sexual behaviors and risks among Chinese female undergraduates. Of 4769 participants, 863 (18.1%) reported ever having sexual intercourse. The mean age of sexual debut was 19.3 (±1.7) years. Females initiating sex earlier were more likely to have first sex with men(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the schistosomiasis prevention knowledge of middle school students from areas with different endemic levels in Hubei Province. METHODS The schistosomiasis endemic regions were divided into transmission controlled areas and endemic controlled areas in Hubei Province, middle school students from different types of areas were selected(More)
Keywords: Takagi–Sugeno model System identification Heuristic algorithms Hydraulic turbine governing system Chaotic gravitational search algorithm Fuzzy c-regression model a b s t r a c t Hydraulic turbine governing system (HTGS) is a complicated nonlinear system that controls the frequency and power output of hydroelectric generating unit (HGU). The(More)
Electric vehicle (EV) industry gets into fast growth period in China, so that charging of large scale of EV will pose inevitable impacts on power grid in the future. In this article, the main factors and modeling methods of EV charging load are analyzed; The literature reviews are carried out on EV integration and impacts on power grids, including grid(More)
For Product Named Entity Recognition, Conditional Random Fields model is used in this paper. By introducing the domain ontology features to the CRFs model can improve the performance of Product Named Entity Recognition, and experiments were made to compare the two kinds of feature templates. Empirical results show that the PNER based on CRFs model with(More)
Large power transformer, as the key equipment of power system, plays an influential role to ensure the safe operation of power system. In this paper, transformer fault diagnosis model is built based on Fuzzy Support Vector Machines (FSVM) which combines Support Vector Machines (SVM) with fuzzy degree of membership. Hierarchical classification algorithm for(More)
The Pd(II)-catalyzed intramolecular C-H amination of 2-pyridinesulfonyl-protected phenethylamine derivatives has been achieved using PhI(OAc)2 as a bystanding oxidant, providing access to a variety of substituted indoline derivatives in good yields. The use of the 2-pyridinesulfonyl protecting group allows for facile deprotection following C-H(More)