Han Xiao

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With the increasing use of online communication platforms, such as email, twitter, and messaging applications, we are faced with a growing amount of data that combine content (what is said), time (when), and user (by whom) information. An important computational challenge is to analyze these data, discover meaningful patterns, and understand what is(More)
In the digital age with a wide array of information never before so openly and easily accessible by the general public, students are allowed to access and reference other people's ideas and works in their learning processes more than ever before in human history. This paper seeks to explore how learning from others in an educational setting could possibly(More)
Texture-mapping hardware has been successfully exploited for volume rendering. In this paper, we combine splatting method with 2D texture mapping efficiently and propose an algorithm for footprint algorithm based volume rendering accelerated by multi texture mapping. First of all, a regular data set is divided by some texture slices along the primary(More)
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